No-Sew T-Shirt Headband

Everything is still crazy back to normal!! Now we can breathe again…and get pinteresting! So what pinspired us this week? T-SHIRTS!

We have seen all these adorable, homemade headbands made out of old t-shirts all over Pinterest. In fact, we pinned about 5 of them and had to decide which ones to attempt. That was an easy decision when we saw half of them required us to bust out the sewing machine–what can we say? We get lazy sometimes.

We decided on a no-sew version that “The Crafty Woman” blog posted here. It is basically the same pattern as the rest of them but used hot glue to attach everything. Much more convenient!

So we took some old t-shirts that were no longer very useful and decided to turn them into something cute! Following our instructions, we started cutting…

Cut Tshirts for Headbands


A few small details that we found make a difference

1. Make sure you are cutting your lines straight. Although it tells you to stretch them to make the strips curl, you can still see jagged edges if you didn’t take your time. The original pin used a rotary cutter-which is nice if you have one but we used scissors and it DOES make a difference.

2. The pink shirt was a little TOO worn. It was thinner and didn’t really look that good once it stretched out and we started to do the twist…so we suggest using an old shirt, but not TOO old.

Oh! And we had a Pinteresting guest this week!

232323232-fp5439--nu=487;-9-5-434-WSNRCG=3682-9-79;34;nu0mrj - Copy


Meet Mikey. He likes to be at the center of everything. So I’m sure you’ll see him around again. (Who doesn’t love those big brown eyes!?)

Anywayyyyy…We just continued to follow directions.



We measured them in comparison to our heads like the pin suggests and cut unevenly on the sides to make the knot off-center.



And we used a fabric glue to attach all the pieces, rather than hot-glue. We’re sure the hot glue would work, too, but the fabric glue was most accessible. If you want to make a bunch of these and would like to invest in some fabric glue, they can be found at your local craft/fabric store. (I’m trying not to shamelessly plug our favorites…*Cough*Michael’s*Cough*Joann Fabrics*Cough*.)



After everything was attached, they laid out to dry! It was really THAT EASY!

PicMonkey Collage2


And look how CUTE they are!!!!

Would we be pinspired to do this pin again???

We’d be silly “knot” to! (See what we did there??) They were super easy to make and didn’t take much time at all. It was a great way to use up an old t-shirt and the original blogger has some adorable suggestions for different color pairings and such. We definitely plan to make more with different colors. It is really comfortable and you don’t have to pay $5+ (which is ridiculous) for ones just like it at the store. Yay for up-cycling!!

A big THANK YOU! from the 2 Pinteresting Chicks to The Crafty Woman for posting the easy-to-follow directions and even cuter ideas!! Hopefully she can pinspire you to Pinterest It Yourself, too! And thank you for stopping by! If you are new, WELCOME! If you are returning, a special thank you for forgiving us for last week and coming back anyway! We love having company!!

Come over next Thursday. It is the 4th week of the month, so we will be So Pinterestingly Vain! Come see what health or beauty pin we tried!! Until then, KEEP CALM AND PINTEREST ON!


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